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Otter and Fox

Otter and Fox are best friends with very different personalities, but they always have fun together.
Crafted using Dolch Sight Word Lists and easy to sound out CVC words, these stories will entertain emerging readers through relatable events and engaging illustrations. Ages 3-7


Otter and Fox: Make a Splash

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In Otter and Fox: Make a Splash, Otter loves the pool, but Fox does not. Never fear, Otter has a few ideas up his sleeve. Can Otter get Fox to make a splash or will all of his fun plans go down the drain?

High-frequency and Dolch Sight Words: an, can, do, does, fun, good, have, help, I, in, is, it, jump, like, look, me, not, once, that, these, this, will, yes, you

Challenge Words: eureka, idea, knew, move, sound, trust, try


Otter and Fox: Cookie Trouble

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In Otter and Fox: Cookie Trouble, Otter and Fox discover there is more to snack time than cookies and milk. Will they learn sharing is the tastiest treat of all or will it leave a bad taste in their mouths?

High-frequency and Dolch Sight Words: am, and, are, do, go, good, I, is, know, like, no, of, oh, one, only, so, there, we, what, with, you

Challenge Words: cookies, thinking, together

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Otter and Fox: The Get Well Snack


In Otter and Fox: The Get Better Snack, Fox isn’t feeling well. Don’t worry, Otter has a plan. Will Fox flip for what Otter whips up in the kitchen or will it turn out to be a flop?

High-frequency and Dolch Sight Words: a, am, and, be, but, can, for, get, good, have, her, here, I, in, is, it, know, look, make, no, not, now, oh, okay, she, so, that, the, think, this, to, too, want, what, will, would, yes, you

Challenge Words: better, hungry

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The Fantastical Adventures of Nova and Locke

Chapter Book Series Ages 6-9


The Fantastical Adventures of Nova and Locke, Series, Book 1
The Candy Touch


During a game of hide and seek in their grandma’s barn, Nova and Locke stumble across a box marked FANTASTICAL ADVENTURES. What they find inside transports them to a fairy-tale land. There, they meet a girl who turns everything she touches into sugary sweets. Can they cure her of the candy touch and find a way home… or will one touch trap them there forever?

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